2018 Introvert Career Outlook Survey

Recently, I asked a small subset of Riskology readers to take a short survey about “how things are going at work.”

The goal was to get a general overview of how introverts are feeling about their jobs and where things are headed for them.

Personality in the workplace continues to grow as a topic of interest, and understanding introversion / extraversion has been a big driver of that interest.

The U.S. economy has also been on a steady increase with shrinking unemployment numbers.

At the same time, a recent series by NPR reports that soon almost half of the U.S. workforce will be contract workers. That’s an enormous shift to a very different landscape from what we’re used to.

So how are introverts actually feeling? Do they consider themselves adequately compensated compared to their peers? Do they feel like their careers are improving and they have opportunities to grow?

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