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I finished up the course this weekend, and just wanted to say thanks again for pulling together a high quality course like this. I received a huge amount of value and upgraded a number of systems at home, at work, and elsewhere. Looking forward to further improving on what I learned.

Kira Hunt

Kira Hunt

Landscape Technologist, Edmonton

The Systems Course is the most efficient and practical training available for busy professionals who want to do more of their best work and worry less about dropping balls.

When you enroll today, you’re going to…

  • Win back your time and make room for everything that matters
  • Reduce your stress and stop worrying about deadlines and missed opportunities
  • Improve your physical and mental health (mostly thanks to #1 and #2 above)
  • Add breathing room to your days that will boost your creativity
  • Build systems that ensure all your work is your best work
  • Create routines that automate your productivity
  • Learn to direct your time and energy with a sense of calm and flexibility
  • Become a more trusted teammate at home and at work.

Simply put, this course will help you become a more effective and creative human even if you’re incredibly busy. Even if you value flexibility and struggle with routines. Even if you’ve tried and failed in the past.

I’m going to show you how to do it in a way that finally sticks, makes you feel great, and lasts a lifetime.

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The Systems Course is uniquely designed to serve:

  1. Busy professionals with day jobs and family commitments.
  2. Solopreneurs and business owners with small teams.
  3. Students with heavy course loads and extracurriculars.
  4. Type-A achievers with lots of commitments.

The strategies taught in this course have helped leaders at some of the top organizations and future leaders at some of the top universities in the world:

Businesses Schools
AmazonDuke University
Johnson & JohnsonHarvard
World VisionYale
PhilipsBaylor University

I'm only half-way through the course, but this is an enjoyable experience that has forced me to look at myself and my actions in a way that I wouldn't have otherwise. I appreciate that. I am already feeling more organized in my life and more in control, which is huge.

Ellen Peterson

Ellen Peterson

Data Analyst, Austin TX

It’s time to stop “not failing” and start actually succeeding with your most important work.

The foundation of The Systems Course is based on a truth revealed to me by a successful executive years ago:

Most of us are so busy trying to just not fail that we eliminate any chance of actually succeeding.

This happens because life and work are deceptive. There are a million and one things you must do to not fail. But there are only a few things you must do to succeed.

Because the list in the “not fail” category is long—and can’t be neglected—you spend most your time there instead of focused on the few creative tasks that will bring lasting success.

The Systems Course will rewire your brain and priorities so you can spend your best hours doing your greatest work without dropping the ball elsewhere.

Find more free time today.

I've been working through The Systems Course and have found I'm really starting to think differently at home and at work about how I process information, how I use systems and routines, and how I can use my time more efficiently.

Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

Detective, Auckland

Automate what you hate

This course will teach you to do what every successful, productive and balanced person before you has done to gain that status:

Automate what you hate.

You can’t get rid of all your unwanted responsibilities, but you can minimize them without sacrificing quality.

The foundation of that automation are 9 fundamental rules of productivity you will master when you enroll in The Systems Course:

  1. No more “zero days.”
  2. One focus at a time.
  3. Everything is actionable.
  4. All or nothing = nothing.
  5. One thing triggers another.
  6. Engineer your environment.
  7. Procrastinate (strategically).
  8. Everything has a place.
  9. Track your progress.

When you follow these simple but often ignored rules, you will find yourself with hours every day you did not realize you had before. Those hours are a gift to yourself, and you may do with them whatever you wish. Enjoy!

Enroll now to maximize your productivity.

Your Instructor:

Hello, future student. I’m Tyler Tervooren and I’ve spent the last eight years studying and teaching psychology, habits, and leadership while building businesses and organizing teams.

I stay busy, and I’ve used systems and routines to keep me focused and sharp.

I’ve had the good fortune to learn from and collaborate with some of the leading minds in my field while holding time for my family and the important hobbies that keep me centered.

Here’s a little more about me:

  • More than 1 million people read my website each year, and my work has been featured on business, psychology, and leadership outlets around the world.
  • 2,300+ students have completed my training courses.
  • More than 2,000 people have participated in Guinness World Records I’ve organized.

I look forward to helping you build your systems and routines to gain more freedom, reduce your stress, and improve your health. Join me.

I'd tried so hard to build strong habits and routines, but they weren't working like I wanted. The Systems Course was the perfect next step for me. Tyler addressed every objection that was holding me back and showed me how to maneuver around them.

I'm so grateful for this course. If you're thinking about enrolling, I would encourage it.

Ashley Wilk

Ashley Wilk

Educator, Illinois

Course Curriculum

The Systems Course is filled with engaging lessons that students love. Here’s just one of the all-time student favorites.

And here’s a full list of the curriculum.

Module 01: Foundations Start
Defining Systems & Routines
How to "Think in Systems"
Finding & Understanding Your Existing Routines
Embracing Systems When You're Not a "Systems Persons"
Finding the Time to Get Started
Finding the Best System-Building Opportunities
Module 02: Productivity Start
Rule #01: No More Zero Days
Rule #02: One Focus at a Time
Rule #03: Everything is Actionable
Rule #04: All or Nothing = Nothing
Rule #05: One Thing Triggers Another
Rule #06: Engineer Your Environment
Rule #07: Procrastinate Strategically
Rule #08: Everything Has a Place
Rule #09: Track Your Progress
Module 03: Creation Start
Excel By Building From First Principles
How to Design a Simple Productivity System
How to Design a Complex System
How to Design a Simple System for a Team
How to Design a Complex System for a Team
Building Systems for Creative Work
Module 04: Optimization Start
Reduce Stress and Errors by Documenting Your System
Find and Fix Failure Points in Your Systems
Divide & Link Large Systems for Productivity
Module 05: Maintenance Start
How to Complete a Daily Review for Your Systems
How to Complete a Weekly Review for Your Systems
How to Complete a Monthly Review for Your Systems
How to Complete an Annual Review for Your Systems
Module 06: Accountability Start
Quickly Recover When Your System Breaks Down
How to Hold Others Accountable to Your Shared Systems
Bonus: The Systems Library Start
The Morning Routine: Setting Yourself up for Success Every Day
The Mid-Day Routine: Making Adjustments & Course Corrections
The Bedtime Routine: Ending Your Day in the Best Way
The Content Marketing System: Automating Perfection in Your Written Communication
The Connection System: Automating Your Connection Building

The Systems Course is far more than online lessons

It also includes these important resources, features, and benefits to make you successful as quickly as possible:

Coaching & support. If you get stuck or want support, you can ask for help from any lesson in the course, and I’ll help you work through it. Make use of this! You’ll progress very quickly.

The Systems Library. Pre-built recipes for common systems and routines most of us need every day. Use them right out of the box or customize to fit your needs.

Worksheets and mini-assignments. Every step of the way, thoughtfully guided worksheets and short assignments make it easy to figure out what to do and how to do it.

Audio versions of all lessons. Not able to watch a video right now? No problem, you can download an audio version and queue it up for the commute, while you’re at the gym, or anywhere else.

Video transcripts. Sometimes you’d rather read than watch a video. All major video lessons will include a written transcript for you to download on the go or use when video isn’t an option (at work, on the bus, etc.)

Lifetime access. Your systems and routines will last a lifetime, and so will your access to the course. Review it anytime you need to increase your productivity or engineer stress out of your life.

100% money-back guarantee. I don’t accept money from students who don’t get value. You can take the whole course and, if it doesn’t work for you, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

I loved all the videos. The course covers everything from the basics to how to integrate the systems in to your life. It felt like going to school again. I would sit with pen and paper to take notes and brainstorm for my own systems.

I've already applied the lessons at work and at home. The course has brought a lot of clarity, and I can work on autopilot in many areas that were nagging me before. It's truly saving me a lot of time.

Marta Cruz

Marta Cruz

Legal Assistant, San Francisco

Simple Pricing: $49

No complex packages to compare. Enroll today for $49 and get everything you need to succeed.

The 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s what you need to know about the guarantee and the results you achieve.

  1. I’ve served over 2,300 students. Refunds are almost never requested.
  2. When refunds are requested, I issue them without hesitation because I don’t accept money from students who aren’t helped.
  3. During the pilot of my last course, 90% of my students provided testimonials.

It’s pretty straightforward. Enjoy the course or get your money back.

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Those With Systems vs. Those Without

Here’s a reminder of the differences between those who embrace systems in their life and work and those who do not.

Those with systemsThose without systems
Focused on importantFocused on urgent
Calm & relaxedStressed and worried
Proactive towards responsibilitiesAlways playing catchup
Dependable & reliableStruggle w/ deadlines & commitments
Healthy and full of lifeTired and occasionally depressed
PunctualRegularly late
In control of their timeOutside influences blow them off course

“But I’m just not a systems person.”

I’ve heard this from many people and businesses. I’ve helped them anyway.

In fact, I’ve felt the same way at times on my own journey to create more free time, so I understand the arguments:

  • Rules make you want to rebel
  • You don’t want to feel locked to a schedule
  • Routines zap your creative spirit
  • Life is complex. Plans always break down.

You may feel that way now, but I promise you won’t once you finish the course. Here’s why:

The system is not the boss, you are. These aren’t rules or processes imposed on you by anyone else. You’re in control and you get to decide what works or doesn’t work for you.

It doesn’t matter if your system isn’t perfect. If you had no home, your life would dramatically improve once you did, even if the roof leaked. And a roof can be fixed. Once you a have a productivity system, your life will improve a lot. Later, you can fix the imperfections.

Systems make you more creative. Done properly, they offload all the things eating your time so you have space to increase your creative output. Even Picasso and Hemingway used systems.

Your life is already ruled by systems. Surprise! Even if things feel like chaos, that chaos has an underlying pattern. Improve the pattern and improve your life and work.

Enroll today for less stress tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course delivered?

The video lessons are entirely online and at your own pace. If you want to power through it, you can. If you need to take breaks, you can. Your progress will be tracked, and you can pick up right where you left off at any time.

When does the course start?

The moment you enroll!

How much time will it take?

You can finish the course in a weekend if you stay focused. For a more relaxed pace with time for contemplation, budget 20 minutes per day for two weeks.

What if I get stuck?

I’ll personally help you work through any lesson content you’re struggling with. I’m here to make you a success!

What if I don’t like the course?

Easy—I’ll give you your money back. You’re protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked. There’s no risk on your end.

Will my company pay for this?

I don’t know, but it’s worth asking. If your company doesn’t have a budget for employee training, you may be able to claim this course as an “Unreimbursed Work-Related Expense” on your tax return.

How can I contact you to ask another question? | 24/7/365

Win back your free time, eliminate your stress, and improve your health in 30 days or less.

You’re going to see a lot of value from The Systems Course in a short period of time. The lessons are designed for busy people to take action on quickly and effectively.

Give me a few minutes each day for 30 days, and I’ll help you create more time, reduce your stress, and better your health for the rest of your life.

Let’s get started.