1% Club

I believe that life is better lived with a challenge. Putting yourself in the driver’s seat with a purpose can transform the world from a guided tour to a self-directed adventure.

When it’s thought through, a good challenge helps to answer the always burning question, “What do I really want from my life?”

The 1% club is my answer to that question.  It’s the diary of challenges I want to pursue in my life that less than 1% of the world will ever do.

How it Works:

Each item is specific and meaningful to me and comes with a self-imposed time limit because I want it to be a memory longer than it’s a dream.

I’m not a fan of multitasking, but I do love synergy so I’ll pursue one item at a time except where something greater can be created by doubling up.

Follow along by signing up for free updates or even join in if you feel compelled by sending me a note to let me know what you’re up to.

Current Challenge: Run a Marathon on Every Continent [COMPLETED!]

Completed Challenges: