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Weirdos Everywhere: You’re Not Alone

No one else is quite like you. We all have a few things in common, but you’re different. You have some quirks that make people second guess you. You probably have some big ideas that people scratch their head at when you mention them.

When you get excited about something special to you, other people wonder what’s wrong.

Don’t worry, we get it. On any given day, my curiosity and never-ending questions get me out of just as many conversations as they get me into. When I tell people one of my dreams is to send a rocket to the moon, they’re either immediately uninterested (space is boring), or wonder why anyone would bother with something like that (obviously it would be a failure).

I’m a weirdo. On a good day, I’m proud of that. On a bad one, I’m a little ashamed. Regardless the date, though, the fact remains that I’m just different. We all are, and we get it.

I work from home and there are days when I don’t even go outside. Sometimes I get depressed and wonder if anyone really understands me or if they just smile and nod because they’re trying to be polite. I know you know the feeling.

Then, I show up at a café in Portland or Austin or San Francisco to find myself just one of dozens of weirdos—people just like me—who’ve come out to say hi and talk about weird stuff like riskology, mindfulness, digital influence, or purpose driven design.

All of a sudden, my quirks are interesting and people listen intently to my ideas and my dreams. And I listen to theirs with an equal fascination.

That’s when I realize I’m not alone.

That’s when I start to see there are others, just like me, who wonder everyday if they’re all by themselves and begin to realize they aren’t.

That’s why I made this video for you at the latest Riskologist Meetup in San Francisco. I’m really sorry if you weren’t able to make it, but I wanted you to know—just in case you’ve ever felt like no one really gets you and that you’re all alone in this world—you’re not.

We get it, and we’re glad you’re here. You’re not alone.


Image by: Slightlynorth