The 5-Minute Launch: Welcoming BrewPony and Artisan Coffee in Your Mailbox

Friends and Riskologists,

The day has come (And it’s soon going away!). BrewPony—the Internet’s greatest artisan coffee subscription is now alive and accepting orders. We’ll close the doors once we reach 50 orders or on Friday at noon PST. Whichever comes first. Then we’ll close orders for a month before opening up again.

->Learn more about BrewPony: Artisan Coffee in Your Mailbox

One of the most important life lessons I’ve learned is that every day is easier when you get a good start in the morning. And getting a good start in the morning begins with the best raw materials: good sleep, good food, good coffee. We can’t help with sleep or food, but when it comes to amazing coffee, we’ve got you covered.

This business was built specifically for the adventurous risk-taker (that’s you!) who appreciates the finer things in life, so I hope you’ll check it out.


My partner, Jonathan, and I planned to wake up at 4:00 this morning to prepare for our 6:00 AM launch. Unfortunately, we forgot to plan for our own pot of BrewPony coffee, and we overslept after several near all-nighters.

“Jonathan [knocking on the door]. We f***ed up! The launch is in 10 minutes!”

“F*************,” I hear grumbled from behind the door. “Here I come!”

Apparently, working 18-hour days for a week straight makes it easy to miss an alarm. Or three of them…

We planned to set up a mobile lab at our local coffee house (fitting, right?) and spend the day counting orders and sending funny tweets.

Instead, I woke Jonathan up at 5:50 and we brought the entire operation live in five minutes of controlled panic in the living room.

Thanks to a lot of pre-work, a lot of practice, and an emergency pot of coffee prepared by Jonathan’s wife, Domenika, we each went straight to our computers and knew exactly what to do. Launch plan for the win!

By 6:00 AM, the site was live just as we had planned on, and we both got an extra two hours of sleep. Hooray!

And thanks to Domenika running launch support with fresh batches of cookies, a home-made breakfast, and endless pots of coffee from our own personal inventory, we’re recovering quite nicely.

Now I’m excited to offer BrewPony to you, dear Riskologist. We have three different subscription plans for you to choose from:

  • The Double: Two 12-ounce bags of coffee per month. Perfect for the light drinker.
  • The Quad: Four 12-ounce bags per month. Good for one moderate drinker or two light drinkers.
  • The Hex-a-Pony: Six 12-ounce bags per month. This plan is great for two moderate drinkers or one serious caffeine junkie.

And, of course, all plans include fresh artisan roasts, always free shipping, and never any contract.

–>See our plans and pricing.

We also offer several gift options—you don’t have to keep BrewPony all to yourself!

Update: Thanks to Carol in California for becoming our very first Hex-a-Pony subscriber. You’re a true coffee connoisseur!

BrewPony has been a long time coming, friends, and I can’t be happier to share it with you now. Despite our panicked 5-minute launch this morning, everything’s running perfectly and we’re already getting great feedback from our first subscribers.

If you’re a fan of great coffee, then I’m a fan of you. And if you understand just how important that first cup of coffee is each morning, then BrewPony was built with you in mind.

I hope you’ll come and join us.

Co-founder, BrewPony