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Category Archives: Personal Finance

A Smart Risk-Taker is Always Building Assets

Fellow Riskologist, The other day, I was in the middle of a small negotiation with a friend whose business I’m going to help for at least the next six months. It’s exciting work that’s right up my alley, but as we went over the terms of our agreement, something was leaving me just a little… Continue…

What is Risk? This Formula Will Explain Everything

Fellow Riskologist, I’m just starting to come back to life after two weeks with the flu. In between the fever-induced hallucinations and general mutterings of a mad man, it gave me the opportunity to think about risk in another light. Why did I get sick? Most people fall ill, get better, and hope it never… Continue…

The Absolute Insanity of Not Buying a Home When You’re Young

Fellow Riskologist, If you’re young—under 40 or so—and have been heeding all the personal finance advice spewing forth from some of the most popular columnists and bloggers over the last few years about how owning a home doesn’t make financial sense anymore, I’m afraid you’ve been duped. Absolutely, positively, undeniably duped. Buying a house—especially when… Continue…