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Hi there. Welcome to Riskology, an introvert’s home on the internet. Here’s what you need to know…

Quick Overview

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What We’re All About

At Riskology, we teach introverts how to own their personality and develop into the strong leaders the world needs by mastering their psychology and taking smart risks.

We scour new (and old) psychology and personality research and break it down into case studies and actionable bits you can put to work in your life immediately. We like to think we’re equal parts inspiration, science, and strategy. The end result is you have fun learning and making progress towards your goals.

The world is just beginning to realize how powerful a force we are and what we can contribute. We are your family, your friends, your co-workers, your boss, your employees. We’re authors, professional athletes, world leaders, and musical legends just as much as we’re construction workers, policemen, doctors, and “Joe in accounting.” We are introverts, and we’re showing the world what we can do.

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The Team

Tyler Tervooren, Chief Troublemaker

tylerHi, I’m Tyler Tervooren, founder of Riskology. I write for introverts about the science and strategies for becoming a great leader. I love finding new ideas for improving and testing them on myself. I’m a human guinea pig for your entertainment. I’ve run a marathon on every continent, currently run three businesses, and organized three successful Guinness World Record attempts. If the time is going to pass anyway, I want to spend it doing fun things with interesting people.

Emily Lundberg, RiskOps Maven

Emily LundbergHi, my name is Emily Lundberg and I do research and syndication. I think it’s really fun learning about new topics as I find sources for our content and work to expand the reach of our articles. It kind of reminds me of playing my favorite board game, monopoly, and figuring out how to make smart decisions to become a leader on the board. Of course being a leader involves so much more than that. I believe that great leadership is about inspiring people to reach their full potential and then taking actions to help them along the way.

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