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Hi there. Welcome to Riskology, an ambitious introvert’s home on the internet. Here’s are some quick things to get you started.

Quick Overview

  1. Tens of thousands read our smart risk newsletter.
  2. Thousands of introverted students have taken our professional courses and grown their careers.
  3. We have hundreds of helpful articles about introversion and smart risk taking in our archive.
  4. Tyler’s TED Talk about embracing adventure is a quick intro to what we’re about.

What We’re About

At Riskology, we teach introverts how to own their personality and develop into the strong leaders by mastering their psychology and taking smart risks.

We break down decades of research into case studies and actionable guides you can put to work in your life and work immediately. We like to think we’re equal parts inspiration, science, and strategy. The end result is you have fun learning and making progress toward your most ambitious goals.

The world is just beginning to realize how powerful a force we are and what we can contribute. We are your family, your friends, your co-workers, your boss, your employees. We’re authors, professional athletes, world leaders, and musical legends just as much as we’re construction workers, policemen, doctors, and “Joe in accounting.” We are introverts, and we’re showing the world what we can do.

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About Tyler

Hi, I’m Tyler Tervooren, founder of Riskology. I write for introverts about the science and strategies for becoming a great leader. I’m a human guinea pig for your benefit. I’ve run a marathon on every continent, founded multiple small businesses, and organized three Guinness World Record attempts.


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