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 Build relationships that display your value, attract respect, and grow your career as an introvert.

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Connect + Lead is the most complete and targeted training available for introverts who want to grow as leaders without betraying their personality or burning out.

Connect + Lead has made me more aware of the many types of personalities in my office (and how to deal with them). It’s also helped me think through how I’m positioning myself in my career and being more proactive about how I present myself. Read more...

Michael Fredrickson

Michael Fredrickson

Director of Operations, Singapore

When you enroll today, you’re going to…

  • Learn to read personalities so you can connect with anyone.
  • Identify and amplify your personal relationship building strengths.
  • Communicate effectively so you’re always understood.
  • Lead conversations and relationships to build respect.
  • Build a roadmap to connect with the people who will grow your influence.
  • Be heard and valued at meetings.
  • Identify leadership opportunities by connecting strategically.
  • Develop connection habits that automate career growth every day.

Put simply, Connect + Lead will give you the roadmap to build the connections that will earn respect by providing opportunities to practice and get feedback to perfect your skills.

You’ll learn all of this within a framework that’s built for introverts who must take a more strategic approach to relationship building.

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Connect + Lead is uniquely designed to serve:

  1. Introverts who prefer to work diligently instead of loudly promote themselves.
  2. Busy professionals who don’t have time for happy hour every day.
  3. Skilled technicians who want to better demonstrate their expertise.
  4. Ambitious people with an aversion to schmoozing.

The course provided hands on, practical advice that suits my personality type, and the worksheets improved my understanding and helped me memorize what I took away from the lessons so that I can actually use them in real life. Read more...

Åsne Hagen

Åsne Hagen

Advisor, County Governor’s Office

Master these 3 skills and you’ll be the MVP of your team.

Every year, research firms ask big and small businesses what skills they look for the most in employees. These 3 skills are consistently at the top:

  1. Interpersonal skills. How well do you interact and engage with coworkers and clients?
  2. Leadership skills. Can you build trust that makes others want to rally around your ideas?
  3. Communication skills. How good are you at getting a message across to managers, coworkers, and customers?

Even if you’re a rockstar at work, you won’t advance until you’ve developed these “soft skills” that help you influence and lead.

You already know it: Improving your people skills is the fastest way to build confidence and grow your career.

When you’re good at your job, you keep it. When you’re good at your job and you have strong relationships, you grow it.

There is no faster way to level up your career and build respect than by improving your connections.

You know this because you’ve seen your peers (some of them less-qualified than you) get opportunities that you deserved. You’ve felt that frustration.

It’s because they’ve built the relationships that make it easier for people to offer them those opportunities.

This is especially true at work.

When judging and implementing ideas, the leaders at your company don’t always take the most logical approach.

They’re not just asking, “Who is the most qualified?” They’re asking, who do I like?”

I learned many ways to make small changes to the things I am already doing in order to get better results and make stronger connections. I also have a greater sense of awareness of myself and others and a roadmap for many different things to move my career ahead. Read more...

Atul Mahableshwarkar

Atul Mahableshwarkar

Senior Medical Director, Takeda Development Center Americas Inc.

It’s a lot easier to listen to someone you know and like than it is to listen to someone you don’t know that well. There’s less risk for them.

You may be the most qualified candidate, but if the people who can make your ideas happen don’t feel close to you, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to get things done.

Once you learn how to build these connections efficiently and authentically, it’s not just effective. It’s enjoyable.

Master your people skills today.

People skills are actually easy and fun to learn.

And not just easy, but really easy. The problem is that we tend to get in our own way.

We introverts are analytical people. We like to put things in categories to understand them better.

But people are hard to categorize because they don’t always behave the same way. Sometimes they have good days. Other days are bad. Sometimes they’re excited, and sometimes they’re tired or irritable.

People are fluid, and it’s hard to know how to act around them when you don’t know what you’ll get in return.

But people can be categorized. You just have to know two things about “people categories:”

  1. Everyone has a default personality. You can predict how a coworker or boss will behave based on a simple assessment of their default personality.
  2. That default will often be overridden. Environment and context can change everything you think you know about someone.

Your boss and coworkers are predictable, but you can’t rely on one, rigid idea of who they are and expect to build a successful relationship with them.

Connect + Lead helped me see that adjusting my communication style is actually a gift to others that makes connection-building easier. Read more...

Drew Saelens

Drew Saelens

Vice President of Government Affairs, ZERO

Once you figure out someone’s default personality and how that default gets overridden by different emotions, you can build strong relationships that make you a trusted connection.

When you learn to read people, you also learn to be a great friend, coworker, advocate, boss, and leader.

Building people skills = helping people like you and think of you in new ways.

That’s how you grow both personally and professionally.

And it’s why I created Connect + Lead: To teach introverts like you to read personalities and find your allies—the people who will help you grow your career.

Start decoding personalities now.

Your Instructor:

Tyler TervoorenHello, future student. I’m Tyler Tervooren and I’ve spent the last eight years studying and teaching psychology, habits, and leadership while building businesses and organizing teams.

I’ve used all the same things you’ll learn in this course to develop professional relationships that make me the best friend, colleague, and leader I can be.

I’ve had the good fortune to learn from and collaborate with some of the leading minds in my field, and maintaining those relationships is easy when I stick to the core principles of connection-building.

Here’s a little more about me:

  • More than 1 million people read my website each year, and my work has been featured on business, psychology, and leadership outlets around the world.
  • 2,300+ students have completed my training courses.
  • More than 2,000 people have participated in Guinness World Records I’ve organized. (True story!)

I look forward to helping you develop the critical relationships that will make growing your career a predictable and rewarding experience. Join me.

Course Curriculum

Connect & Lead is filled with engaging lessons that students love. Here’s just one of the all-time student favorites.

And here’s a full list of the curriculum.

Module 01: Self Analysis Start
Leverage Your Personality Traits (1/3)
Leverage Your Personality Traits (2/3)
Leverage Your Personality Traits (3/3)
Discover & Improve Your Attachment Style
Discover Your Relationship Theory
Which Relationship Theory Builds Better Careers?
How to Cultivate Growth Theory
Discover Your Relationship Preferences
Module 02: Foundations Start
Top 3 Introvert Connection Strengths
Leverage Your Connection Strengths
Top 3 Introvert Social Challenges
Overcoming Introvert Social Challenges
Develop the Curiosity Mindset
End Conversations on Your Terms
Module 03: Nonverbal Communication Start
How to Speed Read Emotions (1/2)
How to Speed Read Emotions (2/2)
Perfecting Your Tone of Voice
Sound More Confident at Work
Perfecting Your Eye Contact
Perfecting Your Posture
Module 04: Position Yourself At Work Start
Decode Your Company Culture
Build Your Connection Roadmap
Business Communication Mastery
Building Trust & Respect With Coworkers
How to Complain at Work
Make Your Boss See You as a Leader
Be Heard at Meetings
How to Lead a Meeting
Build One-to-One Connections With Your Team
Organizing a Social Activity
Module 05: Position Yourself in Your Industry Start
What's My Industry, Anyway?
Unforgettable First Impressions
Create an Introvert-Friendly Social Calendar
Leverage Events Without Burning Out
Master the Informational Interview
Get Simple Speaking Gigs
Build the Habit of Connection
Bonus Lessons Start
Mastering Small Talk
How to Email Important People

Connect + Lead is more than just online lessons

It also includes these important resources, features, and benefits to make you successful as quickly as possible:

One-on-one coaching. If you want immediate and direct feedback to help get over any hurdles, I’ll be available to hop on an audio or video call to help you get and stay on track.

Worksheets and mini-assignments. Every step of the way, thoughtfully guided worksheets and short assignments make it easy to figure out what to do, when to do it, and test your new skills to see how you’ve developed.

Scripts & templates. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Just use the scripts, templates, and systems I’ve refined over the years to get started. You can customize them to fit your own personality and style.

Lifetime access. Your relationships will last a lifetime, and so will Connect + Lead. Review it whenever you need to solve a challenging “people problem.”

100% money-back guarantee. I don’t accept money from students who don’t get value. I want to be an investment, not an expense. You can take the whole course and, if it doesn’t work for you, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

I hate feeling like I'm selling myself, bragging, or self-promoting, so I'm loath to say good things about myself (even if they're true). And I'm often not quite sure how to approach conversations, especially with people in positions of power, in a way that properly showcases my strengths.

Connect + Lead helped me a lot with this. It gave me concrete ideas to apply, guidelines for how to apply them, inspiration to actually implement what I learned, and plenty of ideas to supplement other areas of my life. Read more...

Sofia-Jeanne Roggeveen

Sofia-Jeanne Roggeveen

Software Engineer, Sanctuary

Simple Pricing: $49

No complex packages to compare. Enroll today for $49 and get everything you need to succeed.

The 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s what you need to know about the guarantee and the results you achieve.

  1. I’ve served over 2,300 students. Refunds are almost never requested.
  2. When refunds are requested, I issue them without hesitation because I don’t accept money from students who aren’t helped.
  3. 90% of Connect + Lead students provide testimonials. I have more than I can publish!

It’s pretty straightforward. Enjoy the course or get your money back.

Connect + Lead has given me a variety of new career tools to use to build stronger connections, but the #1 benefit is that I don’t feel helpless when it comes to being successful at work. I feel stronger. Read more...

AClaire G.

AClaire G.

Mechanical Engineer, France

Start now.

Those With Connections vs. Those Without

Here’s a reminder of the differences between those who embrace connection building at work and those who reject and avoid it.

Those who connectThose who reject
Positioned for advancementStalled or stunted growth
Respected by peersTolerated by peers
Trusted and sought afterRarely consulted
Deeply understood
Secure in their futureUncertain about their trajectory
Supported in their goalsStruggling alone

“But I’m just not a social person.”

I’ve heard this from many people, and I’ve helped them anyway.

In fact, I’ve felt the same way at times on my own journey of personal and professional growth, so I understand the arguments:

  • Networking is exhausting.
  • I never want to be inauthentic or turn into a social robot.
  • I should be valued for what I do, not who I know.

You may feel that way now, but I promise you won’t once you finish the course. Here’s why:

Effective connection-building is energizing. When you understand what makes people tick, building connections happens faster and easier. And when you use strategies that work for introverts like you, it’s actually fun and energizing instead of draining because you’re not faking it.

Relationships make you better at what you do. No matter what your job description says, having trusting relationships throughout your company and even your industry makes it easier to learn and improve the day-to-day work you were hired for. And that’s what grows your career opportunities.

You’re already connecting every day. Everyone you work with is part of your “circle of influence.” You already have relationships… they just might not be very good! Start applying effort and start seeing immediate results.

The big benefit I saw from Connect + Lead was learning how to better read people’s emotions. This was entirely new to me and made me realize there is a lot more to body language that I didn’t know before. Read more...

Anthony Lozano

Anthony Lozano

Sales Engineer, Kawasaki Robotics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course produce tangible results?

The best answer to this is all the testimonials that Connect + Lead students have left for the course. Read them here.

How is the course delivered?

The video lessons are online and at your own pace. If you want to power through them, you can. If you need to take breaks, you can. Your progress will be tracked, and you can pick up right where you left off at any time.

When does the course start?

The moment you enroll!

How much time will it take?

You could finish all the lessons in a “power weekend,” but I expect the typical student—who does the homework and implements each lesson to finish the course in about a week.

What if I get stuck?

Growth comes from feedback. If you get stuck or need help, you can contact me about any lesson you’re struggling with, we can go through it together.

What if I don’t like the course?

Easy—I’ll give you your money back. You’re protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked. There’s no risk on your end.

Will my company pay for this?

I don’t know, but it’s worth asking. Many businesses budget for this kind of training for their employees. Ask your supervisor.

If your company doesn’t have a budget for employee training, you may be able to claim this course as an “Unreimbursed Work-Related Expense” on your tax return.

How can I contact you to ask another question? | 24/7/365

Start building the relationships that will grow your career today.

You’re going to see a lot of value from Connect + Lead in a short period of time. The lessons are designed for busy people to take action on quickly and effectively.

Give me a few minutes of your time each day for the next few days, and you’ll quickly recoup 10x the cost of enrollment with your first promotion.

No more struggling to get noticed for your valuable contributions. No more feeling sidelined or confused by the people you work with.

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