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What *Really* Happened At The Great Namaste? (Attendee Stories)

A few weeks have passed since we broke the record for The World’s Longest Yoga Chain.

My fiancé and I went to Southern California for a week to decompress, and now I’m back in Portland putting together the final documentation to send to Guinness to claim our little piece of history. I’ll update again once that happens. In the mean time, I thought it would be fun to share the stories of some of our 800+ participants.

Many of you who came out have your own blogs and audiences you shared your experience with, and it’s always good to get other perspectives on how it went and what other people thought of it.

So, here’s a sample of the experiences all of you had at TGN. If you wrote something and I missed it, just send me a note, and I’ll update this post.

  1. Chelsea gives a rundown of TGN. She and her husband had previously tried to set their own world record.
  2. Shannon explains how she is not a yogi, but she felt like one at TGN. So glad you enjoyed it, Shannon!
  3. Allie is grateful the TGN poses were easy because it was too damn hot to do anything complicated—almost 90º by the time we finished!
  4. Keri gives a hilarious recap of the event. The big lesson: Doing hard things is easier when you’re in a community.
  5. Terri captured all 808 of us chanting “om” together. That was a pretty magical moment.
  6. Sergio shares his lessons learned from TGN… in Spanish. Buena escritura, Sergio.
  7. Version09 likes their TGN yoga mat so much, they might actually start taking classes!
  8. Christina brought her sister out to #MakeSomedayHappen.

Thanks again to all who came out or cheered us on from afar. I hope The Great Namaste has shown you just what’s possible—what risks you can overcome—when a community comes together around a shared goal.

I’ll update again once we hear back from Guinness!