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Join Me For A Personal Development Retreat in Ecuador this November

In a nutshell: I’m participating in a weeklong personal development event in Ecuador this November, and I’d love it if you joined me and ~20 others.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with becoming a better version of myself. It started with picking up toys faster so I could go outside to play with my friends or eating more vegetables to get more “dessert points” from Mom and Dad. Today, I’m regularly testing new ways to be happier, deal with stress, and inspire others.

In 2007, I started my first “real job” earning “real money.” I didn’t know what to do with it, so I looked for answers in the best place I knew—the internet. What I found was a comprehensive guide in the writings of J.D. Roth at his aptly named blog, Get Rich Slowly.

In 2009, I experienced my first bout of “severe unhappiness” (I won’t call it depression out of respect for those who actually suffer from it) upon realizing my real job making real money was making me real unhappy. A google search later lead me to David Cain’s blog, Raptitude, where I started to learn to be a better Tyler despite a world of imperfect circumstances.

The next year, my boss accidentally fixed my life by firing me, and Riskology began. It was born from the growing realization that I had something to say about taking risks and unconventional leadership.

The years since have included many crazy adventures, global expeditions, world records, and blog posts detailing such. I quietly built my little homestead here as I continued to look up to my personal legends like JD and David.

Somewhere along the way, you and many others joined me, and now we’re 30,000+ strong.

The Chautauqua Materializes

Today, I’m lucky to count JD and David as friends. We’ve bonded over shared experiences, met up at conferences like WDS (which JD and I worked on together for years), and make it a point to get together any time our paths may cross.

A few years ago, JD and David started participating in an annual chautauqua—a meeting of the minds for a small group learning from each other about the science and art of happiness and personal success.

A mutual friend, Cheryl, hosted it at a small resort in the hills of Ecuador. She’d gather 20 or so people for a week filled with presentations, countryside tours, game nights, and fireside chats. A sort of summer camp for grown ups with personal development addictions.

Right up my alley.

JD has written about his experiences at the chautauqua several times, and so has David.

After years of misaligned schedules and competing priorities, I’ve finally found myself able to take part in what every past speaker and attendee has dubbed a “kind of magical experience.”

I’ll be joining JD, David, and a handful others (maybe you?) November 11-18 to learn more about how to be a better human and share the stories and lessons from my journey.

Why You Should Come

Riskology has many readers at many different stages of life and mindset, so I won’t blow smoke up your bum and tell you “this is an event for everyone.” It isn’t. It’s for those who are deeply committed to personal growth, have (or want) a big vision for their lives, and—with a price tag of $1,850 for the week—have the financial means to travel and the time to do it.

The chautauqua is also ideal only if you like feeling a connection to the places you travel and you enjoy providing service to others. Each year, one day of the event is spent providing service to a local family or organization.

I’m excited for all these things.

As an introvert, I’m also excited for the small group and intimate setting we’ll share. The chautauqua (I keep saying that because it’s fun to type) is limited to around 25 people. That’s a perfectly sized group for me to feel comfortable interacting with and building deep connections without having to meet someone new every 5 seconds.

We’ll be learning, sharing meals, taking tours, and volunteering together.

If that description lines up with your own personal values and place in life, it would be fun to share this experience. Register here.

If not, no worries, we’ll continue to do our thing together right here on the internet.

The Details / FAQ

If you’re interested in the Chautauqua, you’d probably like some more details. Here’s what you might need to know:

When is it?

November 11 – 17.

Where is it?

At Hacienda Cusín, located in the hills of Otavalo, Ecuador. Otavalo is 2 hours driving from Quito. You’ll fly into Quito, and transportation to/from the airport is provided.

What, exactly, will we be doing?

There’s a description here, and a detailed daily schedule over here.

Who is presenting? And what are they talking about?

J.D. Roth will be presenting on building confidence and destroying fear. David Cain will talk about the strategies for happiness. Cheryl Reed will present on finding (and pursuing) the passion that often eludes us. And I’ll present on unconventional leadership.

How much does it cost? What’s included?

Pricing starts at $1,850 + airfare. All lodging, meals, and transportation is included. More here.

How do I register?

Register for the chautauqua right here.

Can I ask more questions?

Of course! I’m happy to answer whatever questions I can. Email me here. For logistical questions about the event, you can contact Cheryl, the organizer here.

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